Elbordiny labs were established in 2001 by prof.Magdy Elbordiny to provide an extensive menu of around 1000 tests covering all medical fields

Elbordiny labs are not limited to serving walk in clients but also have a large network of commercial and medical hospitals, clinics, private and international pharmaceutical companies


In Elbordiny labs we are committed to provide the best service to satisfy our clients, to apply our lab quality systems and policies and spending our efforts in upgrading technology, knowledge and continuous educations.

Quality is not just our commitment it is our driving force. As a leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, Elbordiny Labs has always felt a responsibility to lead the way by example to raise the quality of laboratory healthcare delivery in the Egypt.

Throughout its history, Elbordiny Labs has focused on quality as a key factor for delivering trusted results. We consider quality to be a core value that brings synergy between the human and technological functions of our company, aligning our teams in all departments – scientific and managerial – to pursue and maintain excellence in all that we do.

This commitment to quality has resulted in Elbordiny Labs obtaining the ISO 15189 Laboratory Accreditation .

We strive to improve continuously in order to meet our customers’ expectations first time every time.


To be the number one preferred medical laboratory in Egypt by providing accurate, safe and exceptional diagnostic services.

Our Company Values

Elbordiny Lab’ core values include quality, integrity, group practice, accountability, collaboration and leadership.

At Elbordiny Labs we’re proud to serve a variety of customers with various services. At the center of our customer base are our patients – whether coming to us with a list of tests requested by a physician or on their own to perform a check-up as part of a preventive medicine plan. We also serve physicians, for whom the results of diagnostic laboratory testing directly impacts healthcare treatment decisions; other laboratories, hospitals, insurance and other contracted companies.